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Sangita Bauri

Social Welfare

Issue: Child Marriage


  • Child marriage is banned under law and remains one of the most fundamental human rights violations of a girl child.
  • International agencies data shows 47% of all girls married in India are below 18 and India performs worse on this score than Ethiopia, Somalia, Zambia, Nicaragua etc.
  • Child marriages are the biggest contributors to infant mortality, pregnancy related deaths, domestic violence.
  • It continues to prosper in India because of parental mindsets, belief in customs and social pressure.

What makes Sangita a Real Hero?

A balika vadhu's life is nipped at the bud. Real Heroes brings a real life balika vadhu who at the age of 16 years fought her parents and sent prospective grooms packing. Today Sangita from Purulia is not only encouraging other girls in her village to resist child marriage, but is also fighting a battle against alcoholism. She also encourages young girls to go to school. Rural India needs more feisty young girls like Sangita.

Sangita Bauri

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