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Reliance Foundation focuses on five core pillars of Rural Transformation, Education, Health, Urban Renewal and Arts, Culture & Heritage. The Foundation's activities cover over 1600 villages and 45 urban locations in India and touch the lives of over 500,000 underprivileged. Reliance Foundation in Rural Transformation: More than 70% of India lives in its villages and Reliance Foundation is redefining the path of rural transformation by revamping the role of rural populace in the story of their own development.

Reliance Foundation BIJ: Reliance Foundation BIJ stands for 'Barat India Jodo' and aims to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas. It is focused on supporting smallholder farmers along the supply chain through input provision, technical as well as post-harvest and marketing support. The Foundation has catalysed the formation of nearly 300 farmers' institutions and has directly contributed to improving the farm productivity and income levels of nearly 20,000 farmers. Reliance Foundation BIJ also works with rural women to create Reliance Nutrition Gardens, which produces over 3 lakh kilogrammes of vegetables, enhancing the nutritional intake of over 4000 rural households.

Information Services: Information Services re-imagines the flow of information by keeping its primary focus on 'Participatory Knowledge Management' instead of a one-way transfer of information. It aims at capacity building of farmers, fisher folk and livestock owners for better livelihood security. The programme connects knowledge seekers and knowledge providers through a common technological platform. The programme currently reaches to over 1400 villages through 100 news bulletins (including weather based agro-advisories, fisheries' forecast and agro-advisories).

Community Services: At Reliance Foundation, growth is a function of focusing on holistic development of an entire community – be it a district or a village, through its Community Services initiative. Humble steps have been taken in Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh, where intensive health care activities have been initiated after a comprehensive needs assessment of the district. Other initiatives to address the prioritised needs of the community include educational activities and livelihood training. The programme directly reaches to over 5,000 villagers from across 20 villages in Shahdol. The Foundation has also impacted communities of over 25 villages in Gujarat and Maharashtra by providing hospital and school improvement materials, including infrastructural and facility support.

Reliance Foundation in Education: Reliance Foundation is redefining access to education by exploring virtual technology platforms for rapid and scalable dissemination of educational materials. The Foundation has launched a multi-pronged approach to offer quality education to children from every strata of society.

Reliance Schools: Reliance Foundation and its associate institutions provide education to over 15,000 children across 12 schools. These schools reach out to the underprivileged strata of the society by extending support to other low-income schools and through student volunteering. In addition, to promote higher education, Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation (DAF) scholarships support meritorious students across the country, including the physically differently abled. Cumulatively, DAF has benefitted more than 10,000 students.

Reliance University: Reliance Foundation is currently in the process of setting up a world class multidisciplinary university in Maharashtra. This university will provide an enabling learning environment to students to discover and pursue their varied talents and interests.

Reliance Foundation in Health: Reliance Foundation is redefining the way health care is made accessible at reasonable rates by all sections of the society. It is bringing quality healthcare through its world-class hospital, mobile medical vans, static medical units and its health outreach programme.

Reliance Drishti: Reliance Drishti, an initiative undertaken in association with National Association for the Blind (NAB), completed over 11,000 free cornea transplants, spreading the gift of light. Reliance Drishti launched India's first registered national Braille newspaper in Hindi in 2012. This fortnightly newspaper opened up a world of information and knowledge for over 32,000 visually impaired across India.

H N Hospital: Reliance Foundation is revampingSir H N Hospital into a 19 storey, 800,000 square feet world class tertiary health care facility.

Health Outreach Programme: In 2012, Reliance Foundation launched the community health outreach programme to provideprimary and preventive health care to the urban poor.Equipped with state-of-the-art technologyfor biometric mapping and electronic health records, the mobile medical units operated in South Mumbai under this programme,cater to health needs of over 20,000 individuals.

Reliance Foundation in Urban Renewal: Reliance Foundation is shaping campaigns to make green and open spaces in cities available to the general public.

Reliance Foundation in Arts, Culture & Heritage: Reliance Foundation is reimagining the ways to protect and promote India's priceless heritage to not only sustain but also to make art and culture relevant to the younger generations. In 2012-13, Reliance Foundation paid tribute to the great artist of yesteryears during Abbajiconcert, lent support to greatliving treasures during theElephanta Festival 2013, connected with the youth through its collaboration with A.R. Rehman to create a music video, 'Infinite Love' and supported a research on India's intangible culture. The Foundation, in partnership with BP and in association with ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharajVastuSangrahalaya, Mumbai and British Museum, brought Mummy: The Inside Story to India. The unique exhibition helped increase the footfall of CSMVS multifold and received over 3 lakh visitors, including over 30,000 children from across 250 schools.

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