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Raveena Bariha

Gender Rights

Issue: Gender rights, social ostracism


  • Transgenders live at the margins of society with very low status in India
  • There are few employment opportunities and many get their income from performing at ceremonies, begging, or becoming sex workers
  • Though the govt of India recognizes trasgenders as the ‘third gender,’ their legal rights remain mired in confusion
  • In the 2009 general election, India's election committee denied three hijras candidature unless they identified themselves as either male or female

What makes Raveena Bariha a Real Hero?

A transgender, also called a Hijra, is either loathed or feared. Either way a transgender is forced to live life on the fringes. Ravi (former name of Raveena) lived the life of a woman trapped in a man's body, facing social ostracism and abandonment by family. Ravi chose to embrace his feminine side and become Raveena, educated herself and landed a government job. Seeing others from her community suffer constant humiliation, Raveena decided to fight back. Today Ravina runs 'Mitwa Sankalp Samiti' in Raipur. She's helped more than 2000 transgenders get ration and voter ID cards; she runs employment programs and counsels families. In 2012, Raveena organized the first ever All India Transgender Sports Meet.

Raveena Bariha

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