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Priti Patkar

Education & Children

Issue: Children of sex workers.


  • 40% of female sex workers enter the trade before the age of 18 years in India: Unicef.
  • Half of their children will end up in sex trade.
  • Of the 2.8 million sex workers in India, 36% are children: Ministry of Women and Child Development.

What makes the Patkars’ Real Heroes?

Shockingly, children of sex workers are left to fend for themselves. They either stare on watching their mothers at work or are ensnared into substance abuse and trafficking. When Priti Patkar began work in Mumbai's red-light areas in 1986, she was told they are foolish to invest in the welfare of the children of sex workers. 26 years later, 'Prerana' the organization she setup, provides a night shelter for the children, takes care of their meals, conducts weekly health check ups, and medical care whenever needed. Prerana enrolls the children in municipal schools and takes care of their expenses. Priti runs three centres in the heart of Mumbai's red light areas in Kamatipura, Grant road and Vashi. Priti's efforts have meant the children born into sex slavery now have a shot at life.

Priti Patkar

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