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Lateefabibi M. Giteli

Social Welfare

Issue: Communal harmony


  • Gujarat riots of 2002 led to the deaths of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus
  • 151 towns and 993 villages in sixteen of the state's 25 districts were affected by the post-Godhra violence
  • The town of Godhra, that became the flashpoint for the riots, was forever divided along invisible communal lines

What makes Lateefabibi M. Giteli a Real Hero?

The 2002 Godhra carnage left behind torn communities, widows, orphans and scarred lives. The riots transformed Lateefabibi M. Giteli from a housewife to the driving force behind communal harmony. Today through her organization Al Fazal educational and charitable trust, Lateefabibi runs communal harmony programs building bridges between the Hindu and Muslim community. She runs a vocational training centre and helps Hindu and Muslim women get jobs. She also runs the only English medium school in the Muslim dominated area of Godhra. Her undying spirit is slowly changing mindsets, through education and employment.

Lateefabibi M. Giteli

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