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Kabita Bhattarai

Healthcare & Disability

Issue: Caring for those inflicted with leprosy


  • More than 1 lakh 30 thousand leprosy patients in India.
  • India accounts for 54 per cent of all new leprosy cases reported in the world.
  • Lepers are still treated as untouchables and forced to live in isolation.

What makes Kabita a Real Hero?

There are few who would venture close to a leper, leave alone tend and care. Kabita Bhattarai is a lone crusader in the battle against leprosy. Setting up an ashram in a remote corner near the Bihar-Nepal border, she has treated nearly half a million patients for free in her 240-bed leprosy hospital. Kabita manages 21 leprosy colonies, provides free education to over 1,000 children. The model she has evolved is quite innovative. Patients get admitted for free treatment of their disease and in turn, their family members work voluntarily at the fields, hospital, school and dairy farms owned by her organisation called 'Little Flower'. The peripheral activities that 'Little Flower' generate enough income to sustain its core activity of treating leprosy patients. Kabita is like a modern day Mother Teresa.

Kabita Bhattarai

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